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And Thus, Paths Meet
The approaching beast Mirrhe roared with a wild display of its distorted maw. Joren, his brown hair falling into his face, hacked at the thick roots that scratched and dug stones into his bound feet and calves, drawing blood. Trying as he could to free himself without slashing his own flesh, the young knight looked up from the dagger that barely shaved at the dirt covered wood at the oncoming creature. Panting and in pain from the burning sensation in the wounds Mirrhe had already inflicted upon him, he wondered if these were to be his last thoughts. Unable to pull himself off from the ground, he rose the dagger and did not shut his eyes to the huge bear-like monster that was almost upon him. He would fight to the end… But not without thinking back on what had led him here.
:iconlabaroque:laBaroque 1 0
I wish I were a bubble
In the pouring tea
A bubble of air that plunges
In a tiny golden sea
A sea in a cup
A teacup
A dive into the jasmine
Down below then up again
Twirl and twirl around too fast
The world in orange cast
Until I'm turned back into air
:iconlabaroque:laBaroque 2 1
I crave
Your world
Is like a flare in my night
And it screws me up
But what does it matter
It's not like my head
Is on quite straight
Then again
Neither's yours
And I like it that way
Maybe we're both unscrewed the same
:iconlabaroque:laBaroque 0 0
Words, Words
Words and words,
Humble rumble,
Tip and tumble.
Words and words
All piled up,
I stumble in them,
Words and words.
:iconlabaroque:laBaroque 1 1
Preludes a fractures
Te vivre
Trop peu
Te mourir
À petit feu
Terre à la lune
Tu m'as menti
Tait tes étoiles
Qui ne lui ont rien dit
Comme j'ai tant songé
Que je me languis de lui
Je t'entend
Même quand tu ne dis
Plus rien
:iconlabaroque:laBaroque 3 5
Eternal Watchers by laBaroque Eternal Watchers :iconlabaroque:laBaroque 1 1 Paris by Night by laBaroque Paris by Night :iconlabaroque:laBaroque 1 1
Unfinished Pages
"There’s something about the words you write."
I always knew I had a fairly talented hand at writing. Not that I was any kind of genius; I was skilled enough for all my teachers to always give me high grades and that was that. When you’re a kid, grades don’t mean you’re particularly gifted. Well, it sort of does... But mainly, it means the teacher thinks you learned properly. Because that’s the thing with a lot of teachers. Most of them don’t tell you when you’re good. They just give you a grade. Even when you never actually needed to learn the things they taught in the first place.
Talent wasn't alone inside me; I enjoyed writing. However, my friends couldn’t be bothered to read and my parents mostly looked at my report card. I’m not saying they were bad parents or anything. They were supportive in a whole bunch of ways. They just didn’t quite bother reading anything I wrote. On the few occasions they did, it was because the
:iconlabaroque:laBaroque 2 3
I am pieces
A person-shaped
Bubble of rubble
:iconlabaroque:laBaroque 0 1
Time To Go
"I was asked today," She said.
"About the bruises," She said.
"So?" is all that He said.
She said "I didn't know what to-"
"I'm watching the game," He said.
She said "But..."
"Get me a beer," He said.
She said...
Nothing at all.
"Do I have to get up?" He said.
She got him his beer.
She left the room and
She came back again.
She raised her arm
She crooked her finger
She splattered his brains
               Across the tv.
               She flipped the mirror.
               The dishes are done
               The bed is made
               Her hair is up
               Her lips are red
               The gun is in
               Her steady hand
                               "It's time to go"
                                               Is what She said-
:iconlabaroque:laBaroque 2 1
The Horizon
Ever watchful
Before a
Wide dark
Distant arc
Ingrown in
For lack of
The horizon
That no longer
Hides mine
:iconlabaroque:laBaroque 0 1
They Go Without Shoes
They go without shoes
Or socks on
Running around
While their feet are bare
They come in fleets
A roudy sleet
And I'm the one they aim for
They fly in leapings
Gobble up greetings
And send up smoke
Of roiling fire
To catch a dose
Of screaching ire
Yet as I look upon their throne
What do I see
But a laughing rogue
That wears my face in answer
:iconlabaroque:laBaroque 0 0
This Is The Spoon.
This is the spoon
You pulled my heart
:iconlabaroque:laBaroque 1 1
Better Off
I wake up in this bed
I know too well that
You are gone
It kills me how I miss you
And it kills me that I do
So much
And really
It's just silly
What are you really to me!
I'm big and brave and tough and strong
I say I'm better off alone
And why are you just
Standing where
You know it's in my way
To there
My stomach's where my heart is
And my heart is overdosing
And really
It's just silly
What are you really to me!
I'm big and brave and tough and strong
So fuck, I'm better off alone
'Cause you, you!
You mess me up
Then miss me
Why did you ever
Kiss me
I feel so good when you're around
But you only just let me down
And really
It's just silly
What are you really to me!
I'm big and brave and tough and strong
I know I'm better off alone
And really
You're so silly!
What are you really to me!
I'm big and brave and tough and strong
I know I'm better off alone
So leave me the fuck alone!
:iconlabaroque:laBaroque 1 4
One Day
He said
"You'll never get anywhere with 'one day'"
I say
It's all a load of bullshit anyway
Maybe I'd've ended up this way anyway
In the end it won't even matter
Some day.
I say
I say
Life is a runway
Not the kind you catwalk
The kind you take to fly away.
'Cause that's where we all end
End up
Some day
One day ~
:iconlabaroque:laBaroque 0 0
Tall Dark Door
I’m sitting here
Upon the floor
Staring up
And up
At this tall dark door
The edges unsealed
I’ve seen
I’ve seen
So much of it before
It’s empty
I know
I’ve seen
I’ve seen
The other side
Of that door
But still
And still
My heart beats
A bird’s thrill
Dare I hope
Dare I grope
At this light
Behind the door
But still
And still
I sit here
I cannot rise
From this cold hard floor
And step into
This tall dark door.
:iconlabaroque:laBaroque 1 1

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So I made a facebook page for my writer and performer self. Here it is:…

Hope you enjoy it! It has more in terms of photos of performances and photoshoots and all of my poetry will be posted there for the obvious purpose of making my work known to more people.

So you're invited to drop in for a visit and check out what I've got so far :)


Edit: Oh, and I've also been using Twitter lately!
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